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Nov 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
is going to be a human disaster assistance. other eligible for korean, eligible for fema loan. these loans are typically a very low interest rate around 4% interest rate loans that help these consumers rebuild their properties. not a prerequisite for taking loans is in the future, they have to purchase their flood insurance policy so this doesn't happen again. >> host: so you represent mortgage brokers. >> guest: insurance agents and brokers. >> host: has your group estimated yet the cost to them? >> guest: we have not yet. this storm is such a colossal nature that it's going to take a while to get our arms around the total cost. the estimates i've seen soap are but the damage is anywhere from 5 billion to 20 billion. i've seen some estimates as high as 20 billion in damages. now i think that's even premature because we've been in contact with fema and day right now, and i think correctly, they are focused 100% on recovering and disaster assistance, helping people on the ground. they haven't even begun to put pen to paper and holy calculator out and start adding up the cost. and so,
Oct 31, 2012 8:00pm EDT
security. fema as part of dhs and as you will see in my comment, there is an analogy to cyber and cybersecurity that i want to be able to draw for you. but we all know that sandy seems like an innocuous name for a very strong storm that is still going on. so, now we are looking at flooding on lake erie, possibly lake michigan, secondary flooding downstream as the rivers filled with the remnants of sandy and the water has to go somewhere. we are looking at and centralizing and our hearts are going out literally millions of our fellow citizens who have lost lives. they've suffered injuries. they've lost their property. some of them have lost everything they own. they have been forced from their homes in the temporary shelters. our number one priority right now remains keeping people out of harm's way. ironically that is sometimes more difficult in the aftermath of the storm than before hand because people want to get back in, they want to get their business back up and running and get back in their home and see what the damage was. but given all of the infrastructure issues, particu
Nov 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the time. women make i'm and make darn sure that i'm going to hire a pro no one is mad at fema in 2000. bush, for no obvious reason to me, he decides to put in local cronyism again and let's go back to the old way. they govern. so obama comes back and people are pretty happy with the response to hurricane sandy so far. you always hear about how they don't do a good job. the challenges of being a liberal. and then that romney is on the record saying that any opportunity you can to turn over to the private sector you should do it. >> that is a perfectly legitimate question, especially in the aftermath of sandy. we had an article in "the new york times." big storms require big government. if you'd like to respond to what bill just said. >> yes, i am from atlantic city. i have a brother who weathered out the storm and has his own generator. he is not a survivalist. he is actually a pilot for delta airlines and upstanding citizen who ordinarily tells me that you are an idiot and anybody that doesn't vote for obama is a racist and etc. the last couple of days, he has been ranting about
Oct 29, 2012 8:30pm EDT
funding for the storm relief, that was fema and the roads and bridges and there was a bipartisan effort of with peter welch. so i can tell you that i absolutely believe you hear all of this news today on the news folks can't come together. we have come together and we did in transportation and free trade agreements and the training wall and i am going to continue to do that when you send me back because that is my home responsibility >> moderator: mr. hriebman to you have a rebuttal? schriebman: absolutely we need the broadband in upstate new york we need to make a commitment to the public-private partnership. the contras and however brags on his website the funding for their role broadband is lower now than it was four years ago. when it comes to bipartisanship it just isn't there. it's so important as has been renewed regularly on a bipartisan basis and many republicans both like to do that this past year. not, he sided with the party to push for a narrow version that left women out. when it comes down to the issues that matter to folks like medicare the contras and has no reco
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4